Can ABS handle bars be changed ?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by mca1989, Nov 30, 2009.

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    I have an 09 FLHT with ABS & I want to change handle bars out to reduce my reach by 2-4 inches. Can this be done & what is involved when it comes to to ABS
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    :newsmile075:I have an 02 Road king I changed my bars and went with Heritage bars they gave me the adjustments I wanted and the brake and clutch cables didnt need to be changed However I dont have the electronic throttle speed control so not sure about that wire.
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    I have an 09 Ultra w/ ABS and I put on the HD touring pullback bars. Did not have to change out throttle wires, clutch cable or brake cable....all reached. Routed all wires internally, big project but went fairly well.
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    yes you can change them but you have to make sure the bars are for a abs bike .. some say they are not maybe different mount of the front brake stuff on the bars ?
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    Same here but on a CVO Road Glide.
    Yes you can, follow the advise of the Mods, make sure the new bars accept the drive by wire throttle configuration, that they don't need additional cables or wires and they are wide enough to fit your fairing, the HD Toruing pullbacks # 56176-08 @ $150 are a good choice. Couple of quick hints:
    Use air to blow a strong string through the bars to pull the wires with.
    When ya mount the bars make sure they don't hit the gas tank console before they turn lock.
    Good time to change the handlebar mount bushings, get a good poly bushing, much solider.
    You'll probobly destroy the left grip getting it off, it might be glued on, try ta take it off before you start, if it's glued on, good time for some new cool grips.
    Also a good time to change things under the fairing, speakers, gauges, replace bad gauge lights...........
    Have fun and take your time.............
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    I put 16" apes on my 08 RKC and had no problem w/ ABS or fly by wire throttle. I didnt even need the extension that I bought for the fly by wire when extending. You should have no problems just adding 2 - 4 inches in the bars except maybe w/ the clutch and brake lines needing to be longer and maybe lengthening the control wires a bit. If you are running the wires internally blow a string through the bars w/ compressed air and use windex to lube the inside of the bars when pulling the wires through. It will dry up and won't leave a gooey mess like vasoline.