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    Hello All, I had asked for some advice on cams. I had SE 203's and was looking at Andrews 26's and wanted to know if I would see any differance and the opion here was that I would so I ttok my bike in and the mechanic suggested the Andrews 37's. I was alittle afraid I wood lose some bottom end but I went ahead with the 37's and wow they smile facter is high. Can't tell I gave up any thing down low and they really pull and pull. I also went with the gear drive I have 20,000 on the bike and 1 of the chain adjusters was about half gone. I don't have to worry about them any longer. My pinion was real strait and they don't have much whine.

    Thanks to the guy's that wrote in
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    Miles of smiles!

    What it's all about.

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    Is this in a 95in motor?...just curious of what other mod's you did before the cam swap...
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    Yes it is 95 in. And about the only other things that have been done are Power Commander 3 and Rhinehart true duals. Going to have it dynoed next week to get the air fuel right.
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    Those are the cams I have in my 05 UC, along with the 95" cyl and piston kit, but we went with the Vance and Hines CNC ported heads, and yes I to agree it has great pull, I love my cams! Good choice! :D
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    I happen to share the opinion of many others that the Woods TW6-6 are the best all around cams available. This is probably one of the most versatile drop in cams on the market for late model twin cam engines, particularly the T96. The TW6-6 offers increased horsepower and torque from idle to redline on stock or mildly modified motors. These cams truly give you the best of both worlds, stump pulling torque down low along with big midrange and top end horsepower. I do not beleive that there is any cam in a 96" bike that will outperform the TW6-6. That's just my opinion of course so do your research and make up your own mind.