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I am thinking of changing cams to a gear drive system and maybe swapping oil pump to a Feuling. Anybody do this? What were the results and were you happy with new stuff. Any personnel negitives. Any differance in fuel mileage.

My bike is a 2000 FLHT carb model with 19000 miles.

The important thing with the gear drives is crankshaft runout.
With minimum run out, there is still a bit more noise than with the chain setup. Gear drives will give you a bit more noise even when set up correctly. Best part is they eliminate the weak link of the chain tensioner.

As far as fuel mileage, it shouldn't effect it unless you are enjoying the newer power with the cam replacement.

BTW, reading your post over again, you mention changing cams to a gear drive, I'm sure you know that the cams are replaced also, not just the addition of the gears.
Recently changed over to an S&S 510 gear driven cam set on my '03 FLHR. Glider is right about a bit more noise. But no big deal. At first I thought there was a new (small) exhaust leak somewhere, but in reality it was a new noise from the new setup. Can also hear it winding a bit like a turbo when ripping through the gears.

Did have to change oil pump because of the old HD problem with chain driven cams where the oil pump plate was damaged badly that happens on most all H-D Twin Cams between 30K - 40K miles. Replaced with HD Genuine Oil Pump. Feuling pumps are well-known and know guys that use them, but did not want to spend the added bucks.

Fuel economy, well, Glider is also right about the added performance and I have been a bit hotter on the throttle. Do not think there was a big difference.

The 510 cam is like the first step up from the stock cam which I think is around 502. The 510 is designed for heads that have not been ported and compression is less than 9.7:1. Got the S&S 510G Kit which retails around $700. In my guesstimate, gained about 10 HP.

Again, the change was needed due to failure of the chain driven cam and damage to the plate between the cam and oil pump. But am glad I made the change. Near the same time, put in a 6-speed tranny and with the two changes, I got a whole new girlfriend!

Good luck!
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I almost would think that the cams and gear drive setup with adjustable p/rods and the feulin oil pump would be a better deal than a 1550 kit.

I guess most people don't mind making the investment because their bikes are Keepers.

Feuling oil pump, cam support plate and Andrews gear drive cams here. :)
Gear drives are much more reliable but another reason to run them is accuracy of cam timing, the chain driven cams no matter what year, have slack in the chain that will allow cam timing fluctuate + or - 5 degrees or more.
Gear drive cams make a whining noise just like any straight cut gear does but if your running aftermarket pipes you'll never notice.
MPG depends on cam you use and amount of throttle you apply! :33: