Cams for a 05 Ultra

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by mingo13, Jan 9, 2013.

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    I'm thinking about adding some bigger cam to my bike. Its a stock 05 Ultra 88 and I have heard that the S&S 509's is a way to go but also about the Andrews 21's. Going to have my run out check and decide if I can go with gear drive or not. Can I get some opinons on those two cams. I ride two up bout 30 % of the time and rarely go over 4000 rpms. At 80 I turn around 3200 rpms. Thanks for the help
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    Have you checked out The Self Help Section? :s
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    Here is some comparative info on cams:

    Harley Davidson Community

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    But I want to be able to use the cams I pick to go over to a future 95 build also
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    That's a big "but". Also not included in your original post.

    Two different animals IMO. The same cam in both may be sacrificing on both ends.
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    Guess it would be a matter of time before I would do it. looking to keep this bike around awhile so I know I will have to do a top end one day. Just trying to pick the best cam for what I need.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    You NEED to look at compression NEEDED to opperate the motor properly with your cam choice.....

    BIG Cams LOWER compression in a stock motor.(later closing valves)

    IF you do Cams ONLY like Bolt-ins... Lower intake Close numbers are needed for a stock motor than the later numbers on Big Cams....

    Without head and valve work, larger bore AND/OR raised compression, BIG Cams Just Won't Work Like Wanted and Needed.

    Mouse Cams like andrews 21's and 203, 204 cams work great in stock 88" or 95" motors...any larger will NEED Higher Compression NOW.
    The motor will not perform like I would want it, without adding compression..:newsmile093:

    To Judge a cam,,,,LOOK at the intake Close of the cams design... Anything above 36*/38* in MY book WILL need substantial compression increases to put a smile on your face.:newsmile011:

    You Miight want to Just Wait until you can do the Job PROPERLY....:newsmile055:

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    I went with the 21s from Andrews last year and could not be happier. While there I replaced the inner bearings, chain and spockets. I replaced the cam plate and oil pump with 07 and up style with new tensioner design. I used the "n " grind cam made for this mod. I bumped the slow jet in the carb up one size. I have k &n air filter and true duals. It is a perfect combination for me and I get about 47 mpg. when cruising open roads.