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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by harleydogg, Feb 25, 2012.

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    The Orange chain tensioner pads on the cam chain and timing chain . I checked mine today, I have a 04 twin cam Softail . I have run 20/50 synthetic oil in it since it was new , The pads were only just barely marked by the chains. They have never been checked before today. I read a lot of post about guys with 20,000 or so miles on their bikers and these things failing, and ruining their motor . My bike has 39,980 miles on it , I was very pleased with the outcome of this little maintenance check. It sets my mind at ease. :D
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    Great news! I am coming up on 10k check on mine and wondering... :small3d031
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    Make sure you check the inner pad on the cams too, if you didn't. Don't judge both by the outer pad. I went with gears to save myself the headache.
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    I checked it with a little mirror . about the same as the outer one.
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    You get good ones and then you get bad ones.
    My nephews 05 has 80,000 K on the odometer and they are still in good shape.

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    I'd have to agree with this statement..

    I had my look at my 2000 FXDS at about 14,000 miles... No noise yet and just wanted to look AND while there Change out the ball bearing (pre 00 build date) that Might give me GRIEF later.

    I saw the shoes cracked,pitted and a small piece laying in the bottom of the crankcase. Lucky it didn't get picked up by the oil pump.

    The ball bearing Shield/holder had a Crack in the tin that held the balls in place, letting go there and all the balls running to one side was the problem on the rear drive cam.(blowing up:newsmile047:) I Changed to the Full Roller type was a good design and a NEEDED change by HD.

    Then wanting to do it different again at 17,000;

    I switched OUT to SS Gear drives and delkron cam-plate, feuling oil pump/lifters, head/valve work, 95" Yadayada

    Glad I did.

    Now on my 09, ?? may do it some day (the gear drives that is). Many looks into mine, nothing to report on wear on the New System @25, and will look again when I do some Fiddling in there this week.@35,000 miles.

    I will report back my findings.

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    At 30,000mi the service dept. suggested that they inspect the tensioners. When I found out that Harley suggested that they be checked every 20-25 thousand miles, I went with the SS gear drive. Bike now has 63,000 trouble free miles. The tensioners were in good shape.