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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by jeffreywatson, Oct 23, 2014.

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    Hello - i have a 2009 FXDFSE FatBob CVO. w/ 110

    I was looking at what upgrades i could do, like a better CAM.

    Is there some place I can look up what's installed now from the VIN?

    thank you
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    You will not obtain any upgraded engine mods from vin. If all work was done at a Harley dealer and a screaming eagle race tuner was used you may obtain what upgrades where installed by using Digi-tech to scan ECM..... I suspect you purchased bike as a pre owned one.
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    yes i just purchased - but I think its all stock which came with screaming eagle upgrades.

    i guess the dealership could tell me what they put in the 110 motor

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    The CVO 110" motor is kind of tricky; head and piston combination already have CCP about 190psi. IIRC, the CVO 110" motors are fitted with the SE255cams which are great torque cams with an early intake close of 25*. That just doesn't leave many cam only upgrade options as there are not many cams with an earlier intake close that would boost CCP to the mid 190s which will increase performance.

    If the bike is still in OEM trim. The first thing you should do is install a good fuel management system like the TTS Mastertune, Power Vision of even the SEPST. Install the SE air filter and a good 2:1 exhaust like V&H Pro Pipe, Bassani Road Rage II or Supertrapp and then get the motor tuned; there is some power to be coaxed out to that stock motor. That might be enough of an increase in power to keep you happy for a while.

    The next step would be to have the heads worked; the 110" heads are often maligned but in the hands of a good head porter, they can be massaged to perform well if matched up with the right pistons and cams.:hii
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    go to S& & look up a gear cam. this will eliminate the cam shoes.
    the lower shoes are hard to inspect. even with a inspection mirror. you can see part of the shoe,but removal & inspecting is best.
    if the shoes dissenegerate it will trash the oil pump & lower end.