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Discussion in 'Harley Davidson Extreme Modification' started by Billua, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. Billua

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    Hello, due to this excellent forum, I am installing SE 255 Cams in my ride.

    I have come across one issue that I would like to get an opinion on.

    When installing the cam plate with a new oil pump O ring and making sure the other 2 o rings were in the proper position, I noticed that I could not close the approximate 1/8 inch gap on the left side on the case/cam plate junction.

    I looked and all seemed fine. I threaded the cam bolts to torque via the service manual.

    The bolts on the left side took very little pressure to snug the cam plate to the case...So, I proceeded with installation. I figured this was just the pump O ring needed a little pressure to seat..

    Does this seem normal, or do I need to remove and look for something?


    P.S Inner cam bearings installed with ease and depth was triple checked via service manual specs..
  2. kemo

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    I am thinking that the oil pump nipple did not route through the O ring and the nipple might pushed the O ring of location
  3. Billua

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    Thanks Ken!

    Just to be sure, I removed the cam plate again this morning as it was only a 3 minute job to do so now vice 3 hours later.

    What I found was that the O rings were in perfect shape and that the resistance was just from the new O ring which was still good.

    So, I added more assembly lube to the cams and bearings, made sure the O ring had plenty of oil on it and slid it back in.

    Same deal, little resistance but, this time it popped right into place when i put a little pressure on it.

    I was glad that the initial install was correct, but being as this is my first time, wanted to make sure all was well!

    Pushrod install next.

  4. Jack Klarich

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    A little lube goes a long way, I like lubriplate as assembly lube, on O rings I use Napa Silglide, it is very user friendly for all rubber parts:s