Cam, oil pump and tensioner upgrade thoughts.

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by iamdent, Apr 30, 2012.

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    I said after I recently upgrade my 06 88 with hyd. cam chain tensioners, high pressure oil pump and the SE204 cams that I would post up after my trip this weekend. Well here are my comments.

    1. Wow! Rode southwest from Blytheville, Ar, to Petit Jean mountain outside of Morrilton, from there to Mt. Nebo south of Russellville, over to Mt. Magazine in Paris, up Hwy 23 (the Pig Trail) to Hwy 74 to Kingston/Ponca area, back up 23 to Eureka Springs from there to Mountain Home took in Hwy 341, 56 to Hardy then back to Blytheville through Jonesboro. This has got to be some of the twistyest, turnyest, upsy, downsy highways in the country and I gotta tell ya the bike ran great! 925 miles in three days.

    2. Oil pressure held between 32 and 34 psi all the time even during idle. I think the new AMS Highlift Johnson Lifters I got from AMS Motomachine and Supply were a vast improvement over stock, you should really check these guys out, they were great to work with.

    3. I still have a little valve train type noise but its nowhere near as loud or as aggravating as before and now I can ride without worrying whether that noise is the dang cam chain tensioners about to BTFU. Makes riding alot more enjoyable.

    4. As far as the cams go, well I'm no expert I don't know alot about torque curves and lift and duration etc, etc. but I can tell you this, for the riding I did this weekend I am tickled to death, been grinning all weekend. My bro has a 2011 Electra G Ultra with the 96 and my other bud I ride with runs a 2009 Street G with the 96. For the past year they been just eating me up at take off and accell out of curves and on hills. That don't happen no more!

    It seems to me that the engine REALLY wakes up right at 3200 rpm, it's noticeably stronger in second and third between 2000 and 3200 but in third, fourth and fifth when you hit that 3200 mark it really gets your attention.

    Another unexpected plus for me seems to be the engine running smoother, and I mean while riding, I am noticing a lot less vibration at the handlebars. I assume that's a by product of the cam.

    5. I installed the SE oil pump, funny thing about that pressure, now it makes me wonder if I have a problem. The oil pressure jumps up to 34+ on start up and never drops below 32. Right after I put it all back together it would run around 34 at 2000 rpm but when I backed off to idle it would fall off to the mid 20's. Now it runs at 32+ all the time and when I shut the engine off it takes a while, several seconds, for the oil pressure gauge to bleed down to zero.

    Does anyone else have any thoughts on this, I thought maybe the lifters bleeding off slow were somehow holding the oil pressure higher even after engine shut off.

    Finally, I am sure there are those that will say there are better cams than the SE204s but I am really pleased with this set up on my rig.

    Thanks again to everyone for posting your experiences for my learning pleasure, and to the guys who I talked to and ordered parts from.
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    Sounds like you have done the type of upgrades that fit your style of riding! Congrats on getting it right for you. All of us have an idea of how we want things to run and which cam/map/exhaust we want. When it comes together for you it doesn't matter what someone else thinks. Don't know about the oil pump/pressure question, I don't think I would worry as long as I have good pressure when the bike is running.
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    Thanks Don, that's kinda what I was thinking on the oil pressure thing, I've never seen pressure like that before. It just barely ran 30 psi before and when it went to idle it dropped plum outta sight. I think I have put together the best build for my riding, with alot of help from my friends, it's got all the get up and git right where I need it. Thanks for the response.
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    The oil pump alignment is important,generally causes lack off pressure.Try a mechanical guage just to make sure your guage is playing with you
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    Thanks Fritz, that's my next move is hooking up a mech gauge, I was pretty careful with the alignment thing. I sure don't have a lack of oil pressure according to the stock sensor and gauge.
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    good for you my friend, that is a nice ride, I am in Leonard Tx and consistantly eat up the roads around here, my 01 Dyna TC88 only mods are a Arlen ness Big sucker and a D&D fat cat exaust......air in air out = effeciency, high lift short duration = torque...Like a hero I once knew said...I can ride anything I want, I prefer a Dyna...Rip Terry...
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    I recently installed the SE hyd. tensioners and hi pressure oil pump and have the same result with the psi, don't know about the gauge, never looked after shuting it off.
    I too was concerened, but was assured by other forum members it would be ok. Cold idling about 40-45psi, hot idles at 10-15psi, running 35-40psi.
    Want to install a mechanical gauge for a more accurate psi.
    BTW some great riding roads in Ark.