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cam drive choice


I am now wondering what would be the better choice for cam drives. I was interested in the gear drive with feuling support plate and pump and lifter and push rods, but now I see a hydralic tensioner kit with roller chain and new support plate and pump.

I am thinking that the hydralic tensioner kit might be better because you don;t have to be concerned about crank runout or the gears being too tight or too loose. Also should be quiter

Wht do you guys think?

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The crank run out is the first thing to check although on your year bike it shouldn't be as much of a problem, It's mostly on the newer bikes that this is much of a problem.
There's pro's and cons to everything but the setup in your bike from the factory needs some sort of updating for longevity sake. The chain tensioners have messed up many a bike when they come apart.

I think I would go the hydraulic route.
Hi ya Ken. The hydraulic tentioners and roller chain (KIT) upgrade that you refered to isn't really a "kit", per si. You can just go to any HD dealer's parts dept. and order the 07 hyd. tentioners, roller chain (w/smoothed edges) , cam bearing support plate, oil pump. You must order these parts w/07part numbers. All of these 07 parts will fit your 2000 EG. ONE NOTE:eek:n just the early 99 TC88's you will need to plug one oil hole in the new support plate with a set screw. And in order for all these 07 ungrade parts to work in your 2000 TC88 you'll need a set of after market cams from Andrews made especially for this conversion. These cams have the small inboard journals to fit a TC88 with roller and/or ball bearings and the new for 07, larger outboard journals to fit the "plain" bearings that will be in your new 07 cam support plate. you can go to and they can furnish you with detailed installation instructions with lots of large clear pictures. If you try to explain what you want to do to the HD dealers, either service or parts dept. They'll probably tell you, it can't be done. They just don't know. Check with the Andrew's folks and they will show you that it can. Hope this helps you. Glide can tell you a heap more about how to select the right cams for your bike.
I just did this roller conversion and used a Hq0034 cam, I know a guy that has any cam you want precsion ground and has a Torrington b 148 bearing race installed so you dont even have to use andrews cams if you dont want to. Todd