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    just wanted to share my experience with the cam cover on my deuce.when i traded for it i noticed the center piece that says hd twin cam had 2 of the torx head bolts broken off in the cam cover,no big deal drill the tap them right?no dice!i guess from heating up and cooling down the metal turned hard as a rock no drill bit known to man kind would drill them going slow using cutting fluid still would not drill out,ordered a new cam cover from my dealer,lesson here kids theres no real reason to mess with those torx head bolts just leave them alone lol
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    The other option is to changed them early on with allen head bolts that IMO are a little more forgiving. Use Neverseeze on them. The other really important thing is to make sure when dealing with the Torx heads is to make absolutely sure you are using the correct size wrench and it is in good shape. Not rounded off and wore out.
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    I just broke one out of the five a couple of weeks ago when changing out mine for a different cover and ran into the same problem where the dis-similar metals fused together. I re-installed 4 of the screws with anti seize and the last one got a dab of automotive Goop adhesive under the head of the broken off screw head and it's holding up just fine so far :p

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    update: since i've removed the cam cover i used a high carbon center punch(armstrong) centered one of them with a very strong blow from the hammer.used a 1/16 cobalt bit and with cutting fluid and running the drill press at low speed i've drilled one of them.just one.....

    note:forget an EZ out ......not happening

    its a shame because the chrome was perfect on this cam cover