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    anyone changed cams on 96 for more power mostly one up riding.have heavy breather air cleaner;dobeck tuner.bub 7 two into one exhust
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    I have Andrews 48's in my Electra Glide. They are designed (and popular) for heavy bikes. They are all about low end power. When I ride the mountain roads, I'm usually able to stay one gear higher than with stock cams.
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    Can't disagree with Breeze3at's suggestion for the Andrews 48 but, depending on the MY of the OPs bike I would suggest an alternative. The cam selection, IMHO, for a cam only upgrade to a Stage I configured TC motor should be to optimize and maiximize CCP. If the OPs bike is an '06 or earlier, the stock cam has an intake close of 34* or 40* and CCP of 172psi-177psi but if the MY is from '07-'13, the cam intake close is 30* and CCP about 180psi. The Andrews 48 has an intake close of 29* which will push CCP to about 181psi which is not much of an increase in CCP or torque. Having said that, there are other characteristics of the Andrews and other aftermarket cams, like ramp speed, overlap, LSA, etc. that enhance performance as well. Not throwing shade at the Andrews 48; it would be a step up for sure but simply suggesting that a cam set with an earlier intake close that will push CCP up near 190psi is a good target.

    S&S offers two cam sets, the 509 and 551 with intake close at 18* which will push CCP on a Stage I configured motor up to 187psi which will result in more low end torque; compression = torque. The 551 just offers more lift which, with stock heads, doesn't offer much gain but doesn't hurt anything either.

    Another option would be the SE255 with an intake close of 25*.

    Apologies for the long winded reply but just trying to provide some background on cam selection for the OP.
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