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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by SE103, Oct 11, 2007.

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    I just completed changing cams from factory cams to SS 570 G cams also adjustable push rods.While i was there went to Gear Drive to get the cam chain and tensioners out. Alot of people have been talking about those cam tensioners wearing out and coming apart and doing alot of damage to the motor.
    I went ahead and Dnyo it to got 98hp with 114 torque. Has anyone else done these changes? SE103
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    I did a 103 big bore changed heads,jugs pistons,cams,pipes and intake. I did this upon the purchase of my bike I never put a K mile on the 96 engine.When they dynoed it I never got the results nor did I ask.But I will be taking it in in for a tune this winter and will post the results as I'm quite curious now.
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    That's about right for mild cam change in a 103. Stock would be ABOUT 90hp and 100ft tq.
    I built my own 103 from a 06 Dyna TC88. It makes 146hp but I've got more money in the motor than i paid for the whole bike new in 06!! :panic
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    Those are very respectable numbers and it makes it a bunch more fun to ride too.