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Calling all Sporty owner


Does anyone have a owners manual for a 06 XL1200 Roadster on digits (on their computer)? Or does anyone know of a website that has them digitalized? I have my owners manual at home but I am about 7500 miles from home and no one there to send it to me. I need to get some information so I can continue to plan my projects for my bike.
Thanks for any help that you provide.
I am looking for the axle size front and rear. I plan on getting a set of 60 spoke chrome rims but not sure of what size bearings that I will need. Thanks.
Thanks. I ordered a Clymer manual today to be shipped here so if you can just look for the axle size I would greatly appreciate it.
in 05, the xl line went to 3/4 front axle and 1" rear axle. prior to 05 both front and rear were 3/4". Had an 05 xl1200c. great ride around town and short trips.
Thanks Hobbit and ekw. I have been told that the rear was 1" and the front was 3/4" but I needed to confirm the sizes before I order some 60 spoke rims. Thanks again for the help.