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    The following link is to a newspaper in Central Florida. It pertains to a house bill on the way to the governor regarding fines for wreckless and careless driving that I totally agree with. Unfortunately it also has a provision for eliminating vertical license plates. Along with that it also contains some questionable stats that I'm finding hard to believe that are being presented by a representative from South Florida. Sadly it appears that this is all we have to worry about in our state capital these days. I know that this is more of a technical forum but all Florida riders may want to read this story, as well as those of you in different states. This is how it starts, first it's something miniscule like a license plate frame then who knows what's next. Pipes to loud ?? Tires too big ?? Anyone who enjoys riding without the worry of being hassled needs to respond to our governor immediately and let him know to thoroughly review this bill prior to signing it. He can be reached at

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    We talked about this i believe it was under the regional section a while back.
    I had posted there was a main reasoning that put the commision over the edge was over here on the west coast north of Tampa in Clearwater a kid on a crotch rocket hit a SUBURBAN!!! so hard that it flipped it on its side which then the vehicle caught fire killing both motorists. yes the suburban did pull out in front of him but he was going 120 mph. Just to let you know that Clearwater is the same town that Nick Hogan, Hulk Hogans kid, wrecked his car and injured his passenger leaving the passenger a vegetable. So my arguement is why isn't the penalties for those operating "cages" as stiff as the ones for bikers? Nick got only 8 months in jail in which he almost killed somebody and he was doing over the limited 30 mph in which on a motorcycle they impound your bike and you lose your license for i believe 3-5 years. Why is it not the same for them? Understanding he wrecked his vehicle but only lost his license for (dont quote me) but i believe it was 3 years and 5 years of probation.
    Legislation needs to make sure that its checks and balances are in order.