Caliper Piston & Quad Seal Grease.. (Tip)

Discussion in 'Wheels' started by Hoople, Jan 25, 2011.

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    If you ever wanted to repair or remove the pistons on your calipers & liked following service manual instructions to the "T",, then good luck finding the piston/quad ring lubricant HD refers to in every service manual they have ever written. You won't be finding G.E. Versilube G322L Silicone Grease anywhere and for good reason. GE does not make it anymore & the killer is HD stresses that you use this exact lubricant......

    Well it seems back in December of 1993 a company named Novagard purchased the silicone grease product line from General Electric. But the good news is Novagard still makes and carries that same lube under the same product name of Novagard Versilube G322L and it is easily obtainable for a very reasonable price.
    I was able to obtain a 5oz tube for under $25 from Amazon on the net.

    Why HD keeps calling it G.E. after 17 years, I have no clue, because your not going to find it under that name...
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    Good find Hoople, HD does funny stuff like this all the time like its some kind of Nuclear Secret, Napa Silglide is pretty much the same thing, We have been using it for years for rebuilding and lubing calipers wheel cylinders and guide pins, I bet you HD wont fess up to it being the same thing maybe thats why HD stands for hundred dollars LOL:p