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Calgary Bike Show


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Went to this years bike show and thought it was one of the best so far.

There was a lot of dealers and the custom shops had plenty of rides with great air brushings, but what I liked the best was some of the custom detailing on the chrome eg. front forks and exhaust heat shields. Plus I don't know how some of those mags could withstand a bump. One set of mags was basically a silouette of three dragons. Is it just me or a lot of those customs look like they would kill the back if you road more than a mile. Some of the tanks were no larger than 2 gals but they sure looked nice.

BMW and Triumph had some nice rides also. The one triumph had to be 1800cc. One display had a large amount of 50, 60, and 70's Bonneyvilles and Tigers. I remember alot about those old bikes. If I'm recollecting properly the old Triumphs had a great exhaust sound.

You think over the years you would know all the custom shops in town but I found a few that were new to me ie: Thugs (Precision) now I don't have to go south to get the couple of custom parts I want built for my ride.

I thought my decker was large but those Bosses and Valkrie's were huge. Would have to go into the hospital and get my legs curved to sit on them. Plus there was one Kawi turned into a sled, ski on the front and a track on the back, not sure if it would be good in deep powder.

Wife likes the 1200 Sporty Low but is kinda leaning to the Nightster. Both look sharp and have a better 74 in them than my old shovel. Lehmans had five or six trikes all lit up on display. At least when I get old I know I can still ride.

Who knew Korea made bikes, Hynsung aquila or something, wasn't too impressed. There was one nice display with heated clothing, gloves and handles, they sure get warm and I think I'll get some for the little woman. If shes happy then I'm happy, funny coincidence. Got a funny look when I told her I was going to buy her that three wheeled vespa.

Overall a good show with lots to see and reminisce about.

One good point is I talked with a rider from Nevada and California about heat problems. Even though I have an oil cooler now which they recommend for thier areas, they said some riders are tapping into their roll bars and using them as a cooler, only takes an extra quart of oil to fill. Maybe I'll check it out with the dealer when I get my stage one done in Feb.

Please note: Not one sweepa booth in the building.