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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by lowrider1963, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. lowrider1963

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    I have a bracket to mount my GPS unit to my handle bars, and it works great. The only problem is the GPS battery only lasts about 3 hours. I have a pigtail connected to my battery and am looking for a cable to connect to the pigtail and my Garmin, and suggestions?
  2. Spade5

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    Seems like there was a post a week or so ago about adding a power outlet and someone responded that they had picked up a cable like the one you need at Radio Shack. You might try searching for power port or power outlet - it seems like that was the title of the thread.

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    With the advent of USB powered plugs, many GPS systems like my Tom-Tom can be charged from an Accessory plug w/ USB cable of the desired length...they also have AC plug w/USB jack so little pkg about 2x2" and your set for most any situation when traveling. Works for me...and handy when most portable devices nowadays are USB port ready power wise. Now if they ever get "wireless power" going I would be set!
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    if you get a pigtail acc plug you can take out your headlight and there is a hot and ground attatched to the headlight wires. you can run it up throught the hole that your clutch cable is in and it will always be there and the power comes on with the key. that is what i did with my xm. but i just took off my outer fairing and run the wires all nice and neat. works great