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buzzing from fuel pump when Run button on


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When I started my bike (2006 FXDI) today, when I pushed the run button instead of the normal sound of the fuel pump operating, I heard a buzzing noise that stopped when the check engine light goes off in about 3-4 secs. Subsequent starts are either normal sounding, or a brief buzzing. Any idea what this buzzing is? Does it indicate a problem with the fuel pump? Thanks!
Difficult to say about a sound on the internet, however there has been some problems with the fuel line in the tank rubbing a hole in it as it abrades against the tank. It's ususlly a wooshing sound and running problems like stalling and erratic behavior follow the wearing of the holes. You loose fuel pressure when this happens. Sometimes when you reach a half tank of fuel, the engine quits too.

This is what it looks like

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thank you for the reply, I will check the fuel line. Only 5K on the bike, so wear like you describe seems unusual. I haven't had stalling or any other erratic behavior.
The wear factor isn't determined by the mileage, it rubs on the tank even on new bikes and can wear through the line and cause problems.