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Discussion in 'Harley Davidson Product Review' started by Lefty, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. Lefty

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    I am looking for a seat or pad for my wife. I have looked at Gel seats and pads. I saw an add for Butty Buddy seat. Has anyone tried them?
  2. JPHarley

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    Don't have much experience with the different seats...still using the stock seat on my 09 Low Rider...so far the wife has not complained....Just wanted to ask about your pipes...V&H Big Radius?....do you like them?...are they real loud?....I am wanting to put a set on my ride...
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    I've seen that seat offered by Butty Buddy and the first thing I noticed was the tabs that hold it in place and the proximity of them to the paint on the rear fender. You would be better off IMO to just change the seat for what you wanted rather than sitting your lady on a pad that sits on top of the seat on the bike .


    ButtyBuddy is the most comfortable passenger motorcycle seat on the market

    Q: “How is it attached to the motorcycle seat?”
    A: Exactly the same way as the passenger’s butt is…gravity and friction, < OH YEAH!!!
  4. Lefty

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    The comments are exactly what I was worried about. Hope someone that has has purchased this seat will give a heads up.
    The radius pipes are great, not to loud and I like the looks.
  5. garlab1

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    just put the Lepera Maverick on my 05 wide glide, my wife and I both love it, had the flames stiched into the seat, looks great, they have a base program, they send the seat uncovered, use it, send it back for modifications or to simply cover then they send it back to you, they'll make the seat any way you want, cost an extra $150 for shipping, well worth it, your not stuck with a seat you don't like
  6. Log Hog Kust'em

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    Just saw the thread so hope it's not too late to be relevent. Had the same question on another site a few months back. Figured the only way to find out was to buy one. No problems with the paint contact. At first my lovely wife said it was good. I readusted the foot pegs to give her more room and that helped more than the seat. She doesn't want me to put the seat on any more. She does hint that a Mustang/Corbin would probably be nicer ( for her). When I try to corner her on it she says that a new seat is too much money. I tried to save a few by buying the butty buddy, but will ultimately buy another for her. When she's not there, I use a solo.
  7. Clint

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    We bought the seat by recommendation from a friend that uses one. It worked better for my wife then the small seat that came on my bike.
    I put the original back on and my wife prefers it to the Butty Buddy.
  8. oilman1994

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    when i had my sporty my girlfriend always used to complain so i ordered the gel inserts. i found someone that did leather work and had them install them. it was alot cheaper than ordering a $400 gel seat. most importantly... no more complaining
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    My girlfriend (now wife) used to complain about the p-pad on my Dyna's Badlander seat. So I fixed that. Bought an Ultra Classic!! Lounge chair back there!

    Once I get the Dyna back on the road, I will have that to tool around on solo, and the UC when she wants to go out with me. There ya go!

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  10. NEWHD74FAN

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    I used the their small rectangle sheepskin covered pillion gel pad (nothing rigid underneath), that has plastic coated sheet metal hooks that attach under the seat lips on either side. The nylon straps have velcro that allows you to remove the seat pad or position it with respect to the sissy bar/back rest, and a zipper opening to add more foam if you care to...my co-rider likes it a lot, gives it a 7 out of 10. I give it a 9 out of 10 because it allowed me to keep my aftermarket seat and I can remove it if I want (it looks good though, with rippled closed cell foam that keeps put, so I just leave 'er there). :eam