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Buttonless security system


Ok I tried for the second time to install the buttonless security system and I got it installed with no problems. I also set the manual deactivation code to what I will remember. Now my problem is that the security system doesn't arm itself. I've read on here how to deactivate it manually which I did not do but I guess my ? is do I have to manually activate it or anything? I know its supposed to activate when the key fob is a certain distance away so I had my fiance take the fob into the house and then I tried to start the bike and it started right up. I am open to and greatful for any suggestions.
Ya that's the part I tried for the second time and finished it successfully. It starts and runs with no problem. The problem is that it starts and runs even if the key fob isn't near it.
ok so if the fob isn't assigned to the system shouldn't that disable everything and not allow it to start? or would the system just not act like a security system at all?
Don't know the correct answer there but I would say that the system hasn't had any signal from the fob so it would stay in the deactivated mode.

The smart FOB is much different than the button type to set up.
I did the same installation on my 2007 ultra classic. The security system will not arm until the dealer programs the serial number in the computer. Once the computer is programed there is no way that cycle will start without the key fob next to it.
Your Harley dealer has to program the cycle computer to tell it the tssm module is installed and then they program the key fob serial number in the computer so it will be recognized. If you lose the fob you can only start the cycle one time by using the turn signals to program your password in to start it. So it's best to have a spare fob already programmed in in case you lose or break the one you use all the time. They don't let you know this info until it's already installed. Did you install the siren?
No I did not go with the siren but I might add that in sometime in the near future. I guess i'll be making an appointment with the harley shop sometime this week to get it all straightened out. Thanks for all your help.
I'm taking it this morning to the dealer to let them look at it i'll let you know what the problem ends up being.