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Burned purse


I was riding my daughter one time and she had this plastic like purse with her and she had it hanging down resting on my pipes.Then had the nerve to get mad at me when we stoped and she went to get her purse and nothing was in it.Had a huge hole in the side and nasty stuff on my pipes.I was the one should been mad.
My goodness! How old was she and was it the first time that she ever rode on your bike? Heck! I won't even take a purse with me any more when I go riding. I personally prefer to take a fanny pack instead as it works so much better for me LOL
LOL, Did you know that she had it? I have a really sharp fanny pack also.My daughter bought it at Disney World for me. I love that thing, so handy.
You know it's really hard to find any really nice fanny packs around here where I live. I really would like to find a nice one. I guess one of these days I'll get around to looking for one online LOL
My dad even wears one of those things.He hasn't got one on me yet:eek: My grandpa got a whole case of them where he works at one time. They where lame thouh, had some kind of ad on them for medication service that delivers.
Those lame ones are the ones that are abundant around here. It's like everyone gives them out as some type of ad. I really need to find something better. Does anyone know of any place online where I can buy one at?
Oh, man, I would have been mad if something melted onto my pipes. I'll bet that wasn't much fun to get that off. I always polish my chrome and I am pretty particular about it.
I bet she won't do that again!
I got me a really cool one off ebay with silver wings, check Harley Fanny Pack, it will give you tons of ebay listings. $9.99 and up. Got mine for around $35, but it was well worth it.
She sure didn't do it again, I still check her before she gets on to this day. Anybody for that matter, but her especially. Looks like that one time ruined her? Yes it was a pain to get cleaned up thats for sure.