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Bug problem


What do you use to clean you gear off after a nasty ride with bugs? I have a jacket that needs a real good cleaning ,don't know why I left it in the garage, but can't cry over spilled milk now. But any ideas what I can use to not discolor my jacket or hurt it?
I have used a leather cleaner, one made specifically for cleaning soiled leathers, I think it was Montana brand or something. After cleaning leathers should be allowed to thouroughly air dry and then they should be reconditioned, my dad always used a product with mink oil in it I think.
Yes, a leather cleaner works good. I have had to do it many times. And then air dry it as previously said. Then there is a spray that I spray on it and then let it air dry again. I got the cleaner and the spray at a leather store we have at our mall.
I use the sparay too. i forget what it is called but I know it has some kind of oil in it and it is a leather conditioner. They are a must unless you want the l;eather to dry out and crack up on you.
I use Mother's Leather Cleaner; it works really well for getting bugs off the leather jackets, pants, chaps, vests, gloves, etc. Just spray on (pump type) and rub the cleaner into the leather with an old soft cotton sock. When dry use a conditioner. You can pick both up at auto supply stores and bike shops or their website at