Buell Ulysses or Road Glide To Alaska?

Discussion in 'Buell' started by J.G. Gillary, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. J.G. Gillary

    J.G. Gillary New Member

    I own a 2009 Road Glide and love the bike. Recently, though I have become enamored with sport touring bikes and especially the Buell XB12XT. I am currently planning a trip to Alaska the year I turn 60 and thought the Buell might be a better choice for that kind of riding given the gravel roads and rough conditions. Any advice?
  2. Mavagrand

    Mavagrand Senior Member

    I would take the Buell. Don't know much about either model, but have ridden Harley Touring bikes for years. I love them, they are excellent tourers. Not sure how they would handle the roads in Alaska though. I fear the RG might not fare as well as the Buell. I have spoken to an old fellar at the dealer that rides his Buell Ulysses everywhere and swears by it. He has taken it on several long trips up to Maine and has no complaints.

    There is a Goldwing forum (gl1800riders.com) with good videos and pics of guys that have riden to Alaska. Check it out. Just do a search for "alaska", you will get plenty of hits. Probably shoot one of those guys an PM and they can give you advice as well.

    Either way sounds like you have a great trip planned. Keep us posted.
  3. martin14

    martin14 Active Member

    The Buell would be a better choice togo, but either can make it.

    Bring extra gas cans; if the Buell, bring a couple of them.
  4. Jim B.

    Jim B. Junior Member

    I have a Road Glide and it got me safely to Sturgis and back last year. The trip was 4,250 miles and some of the roads were dirt and gravel.

    The Road Glide could get you to Alaska and back but I'd take the Buell. It has better ground clearance and is set up better for "off-road" use. Since Buell was only recently shut down, HD dealers should still have Buell parts in their inventory. However, it wouldn't hurt for you to call dealers along your intended route to see if they can still service and repair the Buell if you run into problems.
  5. Chopper

    Chopper Senior Member

    For comfort, the Road Glide hands down. You'll be following a lot of motorhomes and caught in some rain, the fairing on the front & the air shocks on the rear will make the trip a lot more enjoyable, wish I was going with you.
    Ride safe:)
  6. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    I would ride the Glide, hands down why not be comfortable and enjoy the long ride and take advantage of the wind shield and suspension like Chopper said:s
  7. bspinz

    bspinz Member

    Roadglide hands down
    & smitty has a great point about buells shutdown
  8. jayray

    jayray Member

    That trip is going to tear up any motorcycle. I like my Road Glide too much to abuse it like that. The Buell? I hate the riding position for long distances. I think renting a HD touring bike is the way to go. Once in a lifetime trip and when you get home BOTH bikes you have are still in great shape.
  9. Dr. Dolittle

    Dr. Dolittle Experienced Member Contributor Retired Moderators

    I'm willing to bet there's something in the fine print of the rental agreement preventing you from taking this kind of trip.
  10. nakkers

    nakkers Junior Member

    Anchorage HD Dealer has rentals but, no Buells. Ultras to Fatboys.

    Googled some Alaskan motorcycle tours and found plenty of dual sport bikes like BMW GS/ Kawi KLR and Suzuki V-Storms.

    Some beautiful country up there. Not sure I'd ride out there on my own just to see it but, if the cost of a guided tour on a rental with food and lodging etc. Might be something to consider besides a cruise..............