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buell oil change and tune-up

I am very adamant about how work gets done to my vehicles so I would rather do as much of the work myself and have the peace of mind nowing that it got done correctly.
So my question is on my 2003 Buell Blast and fluid changes, what all do I change other than the engine oil of course but does it have a primary chaincase and or a transmission, where are their drain plugs and what type of fluid do I replace it with?
The valves, are they adjustable, can I adjust them and what are they supposed to be set at?
The sparkplug how often should I change it and what kind should I replace it with?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

I'm not familiar with the buells setup although it is a sporty engine / trans on the bigger buells . Not sure of the blast.

I would strongly suggest getting the factory manual from the dealer that would give you all the info you need like fluid recommendations and locations of drain plugs as well as their torque values . The owners manual will also give you some input as to the oils etc. that you need to do a service.

The plugs should be replaced once a season with the stock plugs recommended by the company.

Sorry I can't be more specific here, but I have not had much experience with buells.
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Thankyou very much for your reply:57:, so far I am out on a limb right now and having loosened 2 plugs on the underside of my wifes Buell, nothing coming out of the forward plug because it wont unscrew far enough before it hits the exhaust but the rear plug and most logical one for the engine oil is loose enough but what is coming out of it looks more like heavy gear oil:eam, guess I better go buy the dang 5 dollar a page manual which I know they wont have in stock:walland too bad I cant find a aggrevated smiley :lol