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Discussion in 'Buell' started by TQuentin1, Feb 9, 2015.

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    My daughter bought herself a '10 Buell Blast as her first bike. She had taken the Rider's Course and they rode Blasts there.

    The bike she got only has about 300 miles on it, so it is not even broken in. But it had been sitting since May and would hardly run.

    Last night we opened up the carb and chased all the fuel circuits with carb cleaner, and checked the diaphragm on the slide. We also drained out the old gas which looked cloudy (probably water) from the tank. Removed the fuel valve and sprayed the filter/strainer with carb cleaner. Rinsed the tank out with denatured alcohol too and then reassembled everything.

    Runs OK now. But I suggested she add about 1/3 of a bottle of injector/carb cleaner to the tank everytime she fills it for the next few tankfuls. Should clean up further after running a few tanks through the engine.

    Cute little bike!!


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    I picked up a Buell Blast for my Sister in Law when she started riding. What a perfect starter bike. Lightweight and nimble. TQ take it for a ride, not enough power but fun in the twisties.