Buell back in business?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Safehaven, Feb 17, 2011.

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    Your sending me news (I haven't heard) from my local paper.
    from across the pond, love the technology.. Thanks!
    I wish them the best and look forward to seeing their efforts.
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    Would like to see this happen, Buell not my style but it is a fun, fast bike to ride. Around here in S/E Idaho the Dealers that sold the Buell's will not do any warranty work, they want the owners to haul them a couple hundred miles to another dealership, makes no sense when they have hundreds of dollars of special tools hanging on their wall to work on them, have had people bring them to me, said they would rather pay me to have them fixed then haul them a couple hundred miles and then go back to pick them up under warranty.
    Thanks for the work Harley :)
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    What is really interesting is S&S collaboration with Buell.
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    Pretty hard to take Eric out of the picture GOOD for him:s
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    Good luck to Erik, but doesn't HD still own all the patents and the facilities ?
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    Sure but Eric was racing and building his own bikes the whole time he will get it right again Erik Buell Racing - American Racing Sportbikes RR1000 History by Dave Gess Eric built the second Lucifers Hammer around the Buell RR 1000, he will be building race type bikes for a long time to come IMO
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    Face it, the bikes will be sky high in price. They will have all the innovations Buell can put on them with a wimpy 1125 engine. People were able to win with that combination on race tracks but I think the races were pretty well limited to Buels. Harley had the chance to make THE crotch rocket when they owned MV Agusta. It would have been easy to shoe horn one of their 190 hp engines in there. As usual Harley snatchs defeat out of the jaws of victory.

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    I agree with Fossil, innovation was Buell's path to success, MV Agusta had it's racing heritage and aged product line (sound familiar H-D fans?) both had potential in MOCO's tool chest...only H-D could not capitalize on it because it was bleeding too much cash from other areas and lacking innovation or resources for the immediate future. Has to be "chalked up" on the list of "Missed Opportunities"...:( Hopefully both Buell and MV Agusta will be better "in spite of, or because of" the association with H-D...only time will tell.:hii
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    Very clever guy and I hope it succeeds. No issues at the local dealer with Buell warranty.