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    Yes, Just when I told my wife I was very happy getting the bike that had NO Problems, One Pops up..

    My wife and I were on a long ride, pulled into a service station to Stretch and refreshments.
    About a 20 minute break.

    Started bike, headed out across a bridge and started hearing a clicking,,,,,,
    3 gear and about 30 mph then noticed the oil light was ON.. NOT flicker but Fully ON.. Hit the OFF and coasted to a safe spot and checked it out...Oil and HD filter less than 500 miles. All Okay there. Oil Level fine, Not heated, running cool...

    It happened so quick that I never took a look at the gauge i have mounted on the rear head...But RED told the story...

    Let set for a bit , then decided to start it.. It fired right off and the oil pressure came Right up to normal 36+ lbs..

    I could hear it taking it's time refilling the lifters as the clicking never heard before was a reminder that the oil was Gone from them...
    Didn't wait to scratch my head and wonder... We got on and Headed for our lunch stop in Raymond Wa.

    Ran fine and the oil pressure was about 36 to 40 where it usually is and NO unusual of different noise heard...

    Getting to park at Raymond, Shut off, Decided to start it again after i turned it Off.. Started fine and oil was right there again... Full pressure. Hmmmm?

    Gave Glider a call and he listened to my story and said Probably? "o" ring or pump loose or relief valve open?? Cracked g.rotors,,,Yes I did install SE 255 cams...
    Noting all the obvious things it could be... Both agreed it wasn't working right..

    Off in to eat.. Back out and No oil on the next start.... waited for a minute and tried again .. Oil pressure back to normal, No noise.

    Get on and hurry off as all was working...LONG ways from home, 160 miles or so...

    Carefully watched gauge and oil pressure reading fine..

    Just had to stop at a Half-way point and did the 20 minute thing..

    On restart,NO Oil pressure. turned OFF , Start NO oil pressure.. OFF...

    I call HD at Lacy HD... No body to haul us and I don't carry a tow policy YET....

    I decided to give it a LAST try... Presto OIL Pressure came Right up, No Noise... Ran it fine all the way home.. INTO garage and shut it off..

    Tried to start in less than 30 seconds after I turned it off,,,,,,No pressure and a Noise Hard turning over as if something is jammed this time..

    No more TRIES as I will trailer to Tacoma Destination HD on tuesday and have them look,,, as it is under warranty Thankfully for a month longer.. August bought 2 years ago..

    Hope it is nothing I did to cause the problem, when I installed the SE 255 cams about 12,000 miles ago or so...

    My thinking now it is the gearotors that May be broken/cracked bad enough to Bind Now when I tried to start it.
    NEVER any vibration as the engine runs as Smooth as silk...

    Lucky I made it home..

    Hopefully no damage to running it home... I could not believe it ran and stayed so good with the oil pressure UP to Snuff and"0" on the other tries..
    Long winded I know,,, Any comments about the Oil pump problem, go ahead and Guess,,, Might teach us something..

    I Will Repost here as I find out the problem Tuesday or Wed.

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    Glad you made it home and I hope it's not to serious.

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    Glider offered me a trailer tow home but I would have to wait for him a while to get here..

    3,000 miles away:lolrolling is not toooooo close..

    Well,:newsmile011: His heart was in the right place....

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    Gotta respect a man like that!!!
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    Sorry to hear about your problem, I hope its not like mine. I have an 07 Ultra Classic with about 15000 miles, SE stage 1 ac, V&H slip ons. I put in SE255 cams last winter at about 10000 miles. Well, I was on a ride a couple of weeks ago and lost oil pressure. It didnt make any noise, but I pulled over and shut it down. Check the oil and was OK. Thought maybe the sensor may have failed. Tried tapping it then restarted the bike. Still no pressure. The the lifters started making noise so I shut it down and got a friend with a trailer to get it home. Took it apart to see if the oil pump was ok and the pressure gerotor was in pieces. The crank bushing in the cam plate was toast also. Put a dial indicator on the crank to check the runout and found it was .038! Bike is not under warantee, but I called HD dealer anyway. They said nothing they could do because of no warantee but would give me a price on fixing it if I brought it in.
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    Happy 4th Bubbie!! Maybe you can switch it out with an EVO oil pump?? I hear they are pretty stout!!! Just kidding.(I'm laughing) Hope you get her back running smooth as silk in no time.
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    Sorry to hear about the second time you lost pressure and another thing comes to mind with that 09 is crank runout. Hopefully it's not that causing the problem but maybe you should mention it to the dealer to check it .
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    Your intermittent symptoms make me think that that relief plunger is getting stuck allowing full by-pass and resulting in no or very low oil pressure. This happened to me on the '03 before I upgraded to the roller chain and had the old tensioners in there (which were coming apart). So if the pump is not shot, and there is no excessive runout, I would pull the spring and plunger out of the plate and clean that port out VERY well.

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    That's quite a story Bubbie, let us know what it ends up being. The additional price on my insurance for road service is very miniumal considering most tows are over $100 where I live (unless you are in town). After you get tow service then it's just like Smitty says, Call 1-800-Come get this thing.

    But there is usually an hour to 2 hours wait, least it was for me
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    Bubbie, Sorry to hear of your problem. Just to let you know, the Moco has revised the crank runout spec on late model twin cams. It is no longer .012" as being bad. Don't have it in front of me, but if I remember correctly it is now .007"

    Sounds more like TQ is on Target to me but thought I would let you know about revision on service bulletin just in case.