BUB Sidecutters on FXDF

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by Motoresultat, Nov 30, 2011.

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    Just recently replaced my stock pipes with Cycle Shack mufflers on Fat Bob to BUB Sidecutters. Lost torque dramatically in low-mid. 'Cos most easiest way to sort this problem for me is to install Fuelpak I requested from them map
    Just for future references for those who will put them on:

    Map # FP-0535
    Bike Mfg: Harley-Davidson
    Bike Model: FXDF
    Bike Year: 2008
    Engine Type: 96\"
    Exhaust Mfg: BUB
    Exhaust Model: Sidecatters
    Baffle Type: Sidecutters
    Air Filter: SE
    ECM Calibration: stock

    Sound and looks great!
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    Installing any fueller will not compensate for an exhaust system that is not optimizing the exhaust flow. It will only compensate a small amount for the loss from an exhaust that isn't designed properly. Choosing the proper exhaust will net more HP & TQ than the combination you have now.
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    Exhaust is where the back pressure has to happen. You may want to contact manufacture of exhaust and discuss different baffles to get you where you need to be. As Glider stated no amount of change in fuel will create back pressure, though you may mask it and then create a different problem.
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    Unfortunatlly BUB has no bufflers for sidecutters. May be I need to install Torque Chamber Kit ?
    It says on their site: "Torque cones are used to create a higher velocity of exhaust flow in the exhaust pipe and creates an anti-reversion effect. The value of anti-reversion is a cleaner air fuel burn combustion and a cooler running engine.

    The larger diameter, (gold) offer excellent mid range performance, killer top end and lots of sound.

    The smaller, (silver) enhance low end performance and have a great mid range as well. Still less restrictive than running baffling, top end is still strong. This set up also has an aggressive sound, but slightly less than the gold chambers.

    Install whichever set of chambers best fits your riding needs using the same hardware used to retain the baffles."