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I recently read that using the term "brother" to another biker without a deserved or earned merit somehow cheapens the term . Well those of you who know me know that I can go on a rant at the drop of a hat. When I read this it set me off and I wanted to share because the implication of this statement is intertwined with so many points made by others in posts on this site.

Rhetorically speaking ; can I somehow get my hands on a copy of the guide to biker hierarchy and how to achieve such goals ? I am not talking about the 1%ers because they have a culture and community all their own. I am talking about the self appointed tough guy bikers who want to need to.... tag us Posers,Rubs or Checkbook Bikers like we are not worthy of their protected pecking order. This is not a fraternity or sorority that you have to be initiated into. Nor is it an apprenticeship that you have to prove yourself in. It is a community that needs to look out for each other . Not a collection of self proclaimed tough guys.If you have to tell me what a tough guy you are than who are you trying to convince me or yourself ?

Use of the term "brother " or "bro" in my opinion is a term to show kinship through a common likes or dislikes or a connection with someone's situation or condition in life . We all share a passion here so this is our shared thread that connects us all. Too many people ( not in this forum ) are so concerned with how you dress or what you ride ..I wave at every bike on the highway . From scooter to crotch rocket to HD. What is wrong with affirming the brotherhood (yes I said brotherhood ) you share with everyone on two wheels. These just may be the same people who you need help from someday. I guess my point is that whenever the opportunity presents itself to help change these attitudes we should take advantage of it . Don't keep quiet or not ride with someone or not wave at someone because they don't fit the "biker" template because guess what in someone else's eyes you may not fit the template either.

Just my two cents
Hi everyone, FNG chiming in here.:D I have a bunch of brothers. The crew I work with out at sea, all my friends I ride with and friends that don't ride also. I wave at other bikes, if they don't wave back, no big deal, I just put my fingerless glove clad hand back on the bar and ride on. Now, I gotta do about 15 more posts to make the minimum 20 posts, before I can try one of those arcade games!:laugh
Tigg, word out to you man. I agree with what you are saying because I am the apex of examples. I'm 53. For 36 years I have been riding motorcycles. Many of these years I have logged over 20g miles in a single year. Most of it from the seat of a Harley. I have been downed three times by neglectful car drivers but crawled out the hospitial to look for my next bike. I am not a biker, yet do not know of any "biker" who has more saddle time than I do. What makes a "biker" if not a love for riding and being out there in the wind. I've never belonged to a club. I don't hang out at biker bars nor do I look the part of any "biker" cultur exept for when I ride in leathers like any rider with a brain would wear, and certainly our leathers do not make us bikers. I am a supervisor on a government contract and maintain a business appearance, except for when I ride,, does that make me a poser. I guess the "bikers" out there would say so, yet they ride far less than I do. I wrench my own bike and have built three from the ground up that were are beautiful bikes, without help from anyone but a few manuels. I ride poker runs, love the big gatherings, do charity rides and would be the first to offer you help on the road, but I aint no biker. I'm a motorcycle enthusiast. So any of you who feel your "biker" status is be-littled by waving at me should you see me ridng a quick trip to store in my gym shoes,, you don't deserve to wave at me in the first place. I ride, and I don't care what someone charactorizes me as. Enjoy the road and your own life people, it's the key to contentment.
I'm "nearly" a carbon copy of bikermonkey it sounds like. I'm a PE and a former nuclear industry specialist, doing all the charity things, in-putting time and funds.

I'm also an Amvet, and Legion Rider, and do wear their "Emblems" on my vest when appropriate, although I may be seen wearing the vest with tennis shoes and short pants!

I just can't do the leather and long clothes thing when it's above 90 degrees down here in GA., regardless of the safety issues associated with such.

I am not a "Biker" either, by any means. I have no "tats", my hair is short, an am most often seen in a business suit. But I have been riding for 40 years or so. I don't personally use the terms "bro" or "brother" associating with riding and / or with people I meet. Down here, that seems, (more or less) to be primarily an "African-American" thing. Perhaps that's not 100% accurate, but generally, that is what I have observed.

I ride "my" bike, wear "my" clothes, and think with "my" mind, and am keenly supportive of everyone else doing exactly like wise.

That's why I have used my life as colateral during military service, to help guarantee that each of "you" may persue the same thing!
I have no tats. I wear no patches inticating I belong to a club
I don't smoke, I try not to use foul language; espeicially around women, I consume very little alcahol, my wife is my wife; not my bi*&@. And I'll wave at anyone going down the road on two wheels. And I don't expect anyone to act, talk, look or live up to any standards to consider them a friend.
I guess I'm not a biker, just someone that likes to ride. I'm not trying to say all bikers have any of the traits I,ve mentioned and I don't want to offend anyone. But I see those things alot when I'm around "Bikers"
i read the title of this thread and immediately thought - he we go again. i mistakenly overrode the urge to ignore this thread... now i've gotten to the end and am shaking my head in disgust at myself for wasting the time...

who the hell cares?? get out and ride!!!
i read the title of this thread and immediately thought - he we go again. i mistakenly overrode the urge to ignore this thread... now i've gotten to the end and am shaking my head in disgust at myself for wasting the time...

who the hell cares?? get out and ride!!!

anarchy, concise and to the point. well said.
In bike culture "Brother" was a term adopted by the 1%. and only used from one to the other in your own M.C. Much like the word "Biker" didn't mean you liked to ride meant you lived the "lifestye".

In todays culture they've lost their original meanings and our used by anyone owning a motorcycle. In my younger days I was a club rider and it would have bothered me. Today not so much. Society has moved on and for those few holdouts that still let the little things get to them and make a big deal about people clling eath other brother it's their prob let it go.