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    I am new here so bear with me. been auto tech for past 13 years. just recently started doing more than maint, tires and brakes to mine and friends rides. opened up primary on bros 98 flt to replace broken chain tensioner. decided to remove inner primary after discussing and locating source of oil leak with owner. nothing here intimidating visually or by reading manual. but once i removed inner, i noticed that engine case lip seal was gone. AND SO WAS LIP ON ENGINE CASE!!. found gasket repair kit (part# 15-0381) to replace oe design o-ring supplier says to remove what ever is left of lip(if any). my bro doesnt have the funds to replace left case and i am not quite ready to split cases and have machine shop grind out and replace existing lip with steel lip. does anyone have any other suggestions or advice on using gasket kit. researching this broken lip popped unlimited numbers of hits. someone out there knows if this works and what else to do other than installing gasket and sealer. one guy at bike shop mentioned article about repair kit gasket where the gasket actually had lip for o-ring . tips and techniques and dos and donts appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!