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    The centering spring is broken on my 5 -speed can't find any info on how to change this in either HD shop manual or chiltons...did a search of site and cant find any detailed info. as it stands now the shift lever assy hits a gear before it will come out...the gear spins on shaft but wont move side to side to allow shifter assy to come out. any tips do I have to pull tranny to do this job.
    I have pictures but cannot post them

    thanks in advance
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    Shifter return spring? This was a problem in early 5 speeds
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    Here's a cut 'n paste I found on the web. I can't verify the accuracy of the information. I had mine replaced, I didn't do it myself. Make sure you file the edge of the pawl before installing new spring. The sharp edge is what causes the spring to break.

    Subject: shift pawl centering spring replacement procedure #8
    From: "Patrick \"hogdoctor\" Zambori" <>
    feels like I've done hundreds of these things and as time is money in
    the wrenching field, I've learned how to do it
    takes some talent though. aka patience.
    if you have no other obvious reason to take the inner primary drive apart,
    then leave it alone. Takes too much time and too much potential for creating
    a problem that doesn't currently exist.
    extract the transmission top cover and whatever else is in the way of it.
    If the starter is in the way, just blow the two bolts holding it to the
    inner primary, pop it loose and rotate it clear of the trans top. If it's a
    softail, unbolt the oil tank and swing it out the right side. no need to
    drain it nor disconnect any lines.
    next yank the exhaust, clutch release cover, shift drum, forks and fork
    unbolt the door from the trans housing. Remove the nuts from the main and
    now heres where the special tool comes into play.
    It's a crossbar that bolts to the trans door and pushes the main and
    countershafts out of their bearings. You can use this tool to extract the
    door and bearings from the shafts and transmission. The bearings will need
    to be replaced after this is done.
    remove the spacer, first gear, clip and shifter clutch from the main shaft.
    At this point, the countershaft in it's entirety can slide right out of the
    now move to the shifter. Unbolt the shift rod from the trans shift arm,
    remove the pinch bolt from it too.
    make a note as to the position of the arm relative to the shaft so you can
    reinstall it in the correct location on the spline.
    slide the shifter arm as far off as it will go, then reach in with a pick
    and grab hold of the circlip, and rip it out with wild abandon. Now you can
    pull the shift shaft inward and free of the bushing.

    Install the new spring, and stuff it back in so the shaft barely protrudes
    through the seal.
    with deft precision, use a 90degree snap ring plier to install the snap ring
    about 1/4 inch onto the shaft, then sneak the shift arm back into there,
    then push the shift shaft the rest of the way into place, push the shift arm
    onto the shaft to slam the cirlip into place then reinstall the pinch bolt.
    now, reinstall the countershaft and mainshaft parts , replace the bearings
    in the trans door, then use the shaft end nuts to pull the door back onto
    the transmission.
    Reassembly is the reverse of
    disassembly at this point.
    remember to look for the piece of spring that came off when it broke, and
    check the teeth for bends.
    If you recover all the spring parts with no dents in them from going through
    the teeth, you're fortunate.
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    thanks I'll print that out, I'm gonna try to remove the circlip holding gear in place and see if it will move enough to get shift assy out I only need another 3/8 inch or so. I will take pictures as I go along if it works and post them
    btw breeze I've used that same avatar myself lol

    thanks............back in the wind took pictures will post when I get time...I just started a new job after being laid off and 5 am comes real early after a long lay-off:yes
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