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    Had a real nice Memorial weekend ride this past weekend. Left the DFW area Friday morning and after the usual city traffic and construction mess, we got out in the country on some back roads up to Paris, Tx. Stopped at the HD store there for a while. Headed north on 195 where they were doing some road construction and had to ride through major gravel on the road for about 15 miles. OMG!!!!! Was terrible. Thought the sound of the gravel was tearing up my paint, but on inspection, no rock chips to be found. Guess all the noise was the gravel up under the fender. Was worried about gravel in the belt too, but didn't see any. Got into Broken Bow Friday afternoon. Lots of bikes around as this is one of the more popular riding areas in this part of the country. Saturday morning, headed north out of town up to the Talihina Scenic Highway. Stopped at Broken Bow lake for a little bit. Beautiful lake. Wish I had my fishing pole with me. Got up into the mountains near Talihina. Awesome ride. Saw a big deer running out of the woods and right towards us, but luckily she stopped right at the edge of the road. We were on a collision course if she continued on her path, but my new gremlin bell worked just fine and protected us from harm. Stopped at the Three Sticks Monument for some pics and met some other bikers. Headed east out of the mountains into western Arkansas. First time I've ever been through there. Headed south and looped around back to Broken Bow. Sunday morning headed northwest on a different route going back towards Dallas. Light rain, wind was picking up, but we kept on going. Sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy, sometimes rainy. Just added to the overall adventure. This time almost collided with a huge hawk that flew right in front of my front tire. Never saw him until he was right there. He was flying slow but graceful. Wouldn't have been pretty if we hit him, but once again we were protected by that little gremlin bell. Scared my g/f. I'm not sure how we missed that one, but luck was on our side again. Got into Durant, OK and its rainy and windy, so we stopped at a casino for lunch, rest, and put a few bucks in some slot machines. Lisa won about $300, so she was happy. On the road again heading south to 82 where we went west to I-35W. Got to I-35 and were gonna go south back home, but my bike took a northward turn to a casino up that way, even though I tried to pursuade her against it. You know how these women have a mind of their own and no matter what you tell them, they will do the opposite. :tounge Well, it turned out to be a good decision. Had a few drinks, relaxed a little, and Lisa won some more money on the slots. Headed home as the sun was setting, rain cleared out and wind died down. A very romantic ride home as Lisa was nodding off on the back seat. Overall an extremely awesome weekend ride. Just chilled at the house yesterday with my world famous ribs and a few cold ones. :D

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    sounds like a nice trip apart from the gravel..thanks for sharing
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    Sounded like a great ride. I have a good friend, marine buddy of mine lives in Durante Ok. Looking forward to the day my wife and I can hit the road for some long trips.
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    :s LOL, I like how your bike made a turn to the casino:p Sounds like ya all had a good time