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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Spade5, Aug 18, 2010.

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    I caught a show on BBC America the other night called Top Gear.
    Apparently a couple of guys drive all sorts of cars on a track they have set up on an air field. They have this board where they post the times. The show I saw had an Aston Martin and a Ferrari going at it and I mean these guys had the pedal to the metal.

    As a curiosity I was wondering this show was popular in the UK or if it was just something they are feeding to the Yanks.
  2. ultrat

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    now James has a toy show . I did like the one episode they drove around the south in older American cars, at one point they spray painted a derogatory remark about NASCAR on there cars & were chased by the locals :lero
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    your rite... Gave them....
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    Sunday evening at 8pm on BBC 2 i have been watching it since the 70s and has changed a wee bit since then
    as well as all the fun stuff they do occasionally they test out a normal car or 2 but not often
    and the star in a reasonably priced car has its own leader board and the entertainment stars that take part are very competitive

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    this'll get you,I loved programm starring Clarkson was in a quarry,with an rpg,and when he shouted "pull"(clay shooting for those that dont enjoy life to the full)over the top of the quarry flew a car,and he got to shoot at it with the rpg,...and he actually hit it!!
  6. Blindrage

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    I catch an episode of this every couple of months on BBC America. I watch it as a comic show with a car theme. I love all the joking and teasing they do, and I enjoy seeing them abuse the cars so badly. It is great when they fall all over themselves talking about how cool a car is, and then complain about some specific aspect of a $100k+ USD car that I will never sit in.

    For me, the best episode was the race through London. Each guy took a different path across London using a different form of transportation. One guy did a pedal bike, one a car, one public transportation, and one took a boat along the river. The goal was to see who could get to the airport the fastest during rush hour. I do not remember the exact order, but the car did not fare well. The guy pedaling did great. It was a nice commentary on exactly how bad the choices for getting through a city is right now.

    I found myself thinking about it again a couple of weeks ago when I drove from Seattle to Denver over two days. During the drive I hit 62 different sections of the highway that were under some kind of maintenance work which required cone zones and slower speeds. I added 4.4 hours to the trip due to having to slow down for these areas, some as long as 20 miles, coupled with a couple of accidents that stopped traffic or took it down to one lane. I have those numbers because I turned it into a game coming home because of all the crud we saw driving out there via a different route. My wife actually keep a pad of paper and a stop watch. We kept simple ticks on the paper for each zone, and whenever traffic dropped below the speed limit we started the stop watch until we got back to normal speeds. When I got home I figured out how long the section of road should have taken us based on posted speed limits, and how long it actually took us based on the slowing. I did not include any of the road work off the highway in the towns.

    I was amazed and disgusted that the once great interstate system this country built has become such a mess. And looking at the final total of 187 miles of maintenance areas I ran into that must be costing the states tens of billions of dollars in equipment, road crews, and other expenses just made me sick. That was one path, and we saw about the same going out on the other path but I do not have the numbers on that one.
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    May and Hammond both ride and love bikes, but Clarkson (the curly haired one) hates bikes which makes me think he failed his bike test. Who could not love bikes?:D
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    Lookup the Top Gear Vietnam Special on the web. they travel accross Vietnam on motorbikes-quite amusing!
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    Just watched the Vietnam one yesterday. Clarkson (the curly haired one, who hates bikes) ended up getting to the finish line first! He had a pretty bad fall too. I work with a bunch of Brits and Ozzies and they love the show.
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    Could the STIG be Hammond?????