breather blowby oil problem explained

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    So i had been preaching to a buddy of mine the reason for excess oil blowby for over a year. He had two sets of base gaskets as well as having oil sliming the side of his bike. He routed it finally underneath hus bike and was always spotting the ground. I kept telling him he was riding his bike too easy and the rings were never seating. Below is a link to a great article explaining why some folks have it and others dont. Its all about proper breakin and ring seating its not luck or chance. Its metallurgy and science. He had new cylinders and top end done and was oiling worse than ever. I convinced him after 800 easy miles leaving spots all over the floor to get on and off the freeway on a two mile stretch and let it roar. Not changing gears till he hit four grand at least. Throttle wide open. After 6 hards runs we went fir a cool down ride and went back and did it again. No more blowby ever not a drop. Babying your baby is hard on the bottom end.riding below 3 grand is a no no. Please read the article youll be glad you did. You may have to copy and paste in your browser.

    Understanding Blowby in Motorcycle Engines | Motorcycle Cruiser
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