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Breakin Time?


Hi all, I always appreciate good advice and always seem to get it here, so thanks in advance. Last week I purchased a 2008 Dyna Low Rider with only 1500km's (900miles) still can't believe the deal I got. Anyway, I'm a firm believer of synthetic lubricants and use them in all my vehicles. However I think a motor and trans needs to be fully broken in before I go with the syn oil. How long does it typically take for this to happen? I gave the bike a fresh change today in both motor and trans and used regular HD mineral oil and I plan to change to syn later, probably around 5000km's. What do you guys think? I use syn in my 05 1200C which by the the way is now 4sale. Yep, I know the HD syn oil says "won't affect breakin" but I don't buy it.
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I'm in running a test of different oils in 4 07 Roadkings right now, results are in the Oil section of the forum.
Me I leave the stock HD oil in long enough to get it home then it's Mobile 1 V-Twin, I was running it in all 3 holes but Glider talked me into Mobile 1 75W90 gear oil in the trans and I love it (thanks again Glider) and 20W50 V-Twin in the engine and primary.
Thanks PC. Wow, should have researched here 1st! Now if you'll excuse me I have another oil change to do. This time with Syn.