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Break-in Tips


Does anyone have any good ideas to break-in a 08 Heritage Softail? Have seen some incorrect information on sites.
Find a road where there is no traffic and get it up to third gear. Accel from 30-60 using a substantial amount of throttle (around 3/4 + )and coast back down to 30 again . Do this 10 times and your rings are seated. Keep speed to a reasonable limit and vary it on the parkways with no lugging and no high RPM's. Change your oil at 100 miles with a filter,then enjoy it.
Sorry, but as you can already tell, you are not going to get a concensus, unanimous answer on this one. Glider referred to the method you will find discussed in great detail under the Quick Tips link at the top of the page. I read this entire article and it made a lot of sense to me but I can't find anyone else 100% recommending this method.

Hobbit refers to what I would say is the majority opinion - ride at a wide variety of RPM's without overdoing it at the low or high end.

As I prepared to ride away on my new 08 Street Glide, all the salesman said to me was, "take it easy the first couple hundred miles." What, exactly, is that supposed to mean?

I'm not a mechanic by any means but it seems to me like no matter what method you choose, the most important thing is to change the oil/filter early and often during the break in. It only makes sense that this is when the metal parts are rubbing and wearing the most and the oil is filling with the residue of that process.

As many others have said, just my two cents worth!!
I did what you said when I first got the bike glider but I think they did something in the first 5 miles that they drove it at the stealership. It has over 2000 miles on it now and it smells like oil is getting by rings when I let off throttle when going down hill. And it smokes just a little. I don't think this is normal but I guess I will give it more time.
Keep check on the oil level to see if it is using any oil. If it is take it back and raise heck with them. It shouldn't use any oil after the rings have a chance to seat. If it is burning on decel, that could be a bad valve guide.