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    Hello everybody,just redid top end,cyls.bored new pistons,lower end has about 700 miles on it.what i would like to no is i put redline 20-50 in it,ran it for about 1 minute.I was told that redline syn. was not a good idea,Also if its not a good idea can i drain the redline oil out and put the harley 20-50 back in ,I was told once you change to syn.oil you cant go back to just reg. oil.I thought the redline 20-50 wt. would be good for break in. Thanks.

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    NOT true on both counts...
    Changing back like you are doing Not A Problem BUT Break-in YES ;
    On the 20/50 bottle of Redline, (memory) it Does State NOT recommended until 3000 miles..

    I have used Redline in My bikes after break-in.
    I like to wait until 1200/1500 miles Before I use it though...

    IT IS such a good lubricating oil that the Redline people KNOW that it is best to use another Less oil allowing Friction to Wear In the new parts...

    I would Carefully drain the Redline into a Clean Pan, then cover to let it sit for a day,Carefully drain it Back out into a clean container to wait for the 1200 miles and reuse it. (Any small debris will stay in the last few oz. and the rest will be clean..) No sense wasting it.:D

    NO Problem with any amount Left....... It will be okay and WILL Mix just fine.. DON'T try to clean more out than just draining and filter... UNLESS, If and that is IF you understand the Sump Plug and Know how to remove it under the motor bottom, you will get about another 4/6 oz. of oil out...

    ANY amount of redline will be so diluted it won't make a difference(even IF the sump is not drained out), Remember, you are changing again at 100 or 500 miles.

    You CAN DRAIN out the filter Now, and then RE Use it Now.

    I would change the oil filter and break-in oil OUT at 100 to 500 miles (first change) using the Plain Jane oil.
    Plain Jane again until 1200 then go back to the Redline Full Time.:D

    I have used Redline oils for many years and swear By them Never At them..

    Good choice on Redline.:D

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    Lots of opinions on oils, but I think it is common knowledge not to use synthetic for break in. I like synthetic after that, but only because where I work I can buy it for $2.50 a quart:D.
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    This is very interesting and not the first time I have heard these points. You really can't go seriously wrong with any of the suggestions. I would think that it will take longer to breakin (seat) if you use a better lubricant (like fully synthetic) but the only harm will be possibly burning more of the lubricant out the exhaust until the seat finally occurs.

    My granddad used to run non detegent oil for the first 100 miles of breakin and he said it speeded up the seat. I surmise the extra accumulation of carbon and worn metal adhered to the seat area more with non-detergent. I don't think they even sell such oil now unless you bought air compressor oil and I would not recommend that.

    Anyhow you might want to read up on the riding procedures for seating your rings. There are some start up and acceleration prodecures (used to be here on this forum) that are said to help seat the rings.

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    Here is a Link

    Harley Davidson Community

    This is the 30/60/30 method X 10 = good break-in on the rings.