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Hi all...have a general weird question here...
Have an 05 Sportster with ~ 6,000 miles on it.....coiulod I need new brakes already?
Intermittent squeal from front brakes. Cleaning them usually gets rid of the squeal.

With 6K on the brakes, it's highly unlikely you need pads yet. The squealing is generally the result of a vibration of the pads. There are a few products that get applied to the back of the pad that will help dampen the sound. One is an adhesive backed foil product and the other is a liquid that is applied and left to dry and then reinstall the pads. They both dampen the vibrations and will generally quiet things down. A good cleaning of the pads and calipers will also help. Chamfer the edges of the pads while they are out too.

Take a look here.