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Brake noise, concern?


I'm still in the process of breaking in my 08 883 when I pulled in to my driveway after the ride (about 70 miles out of the 210 on it now) and I noticed I could hear my front brake caliper rubbing the rotor intermittently.

I presume this is just like a regular car, and that I should have it looked at, but being so new, is it a factory defect, or is it still trying to be "worn in"?

Of all the cars I've owned I've not had this happen until the car has plenty of miles on it...


Okay, so maybe I'm paranoid? I just took it for a quick 4 mile trip, and nothing... the caliper rubbing is consistent all the way around the caliper/rotor. (which I Know is a good thing that they rub slightly.)

I should also mention, the only time I heard the first incident is when my helmet was off (duh ;) ) and again, same thing today. Maybe I'm just paranoid...
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You'll always get some rubbing from disc brakes. If you hear an intermittent rubbing as the wheel turns like hitting high spots, it could be a warped rotor and would be worse when the rotor is hot. If it is warped, the dealer should replace it under warranty.
My bike did the same thing while I was breaking it in. Thinking
the piston was sticking I did some hard stops and cured the problem.