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    I was told by a friend riding behind me that my brake light was flickering on and off and sometime came on and stayed on. When checking it out I found the lever for front brake has loose play in it and is viberating causing the brake light to flicker. It is an 05 rk. Has anyone had a problem with this and what did you do? Is there an ajustment for it?

    Thanks for any help
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    I had the same problem and if your 2005 is the same as my 2009, there is no adjustment for it.

    The brake lever "return spring" is the master cylinder piston return spring. What I bet you will find is the master cylinder piston does not come out (or return) the last 1/8" of travel when you release the lever because the piston cap is binding within the final rubber wiper (dust seal). Mine was.
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    I had a 97 RoadKing that had this same problem I bought a rebuild kit from my local Harley dealer for the front master cylinder replaced the spring and fixed the problem
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    I just replaced the rear taillight circuit board on my '04 RK. Mine started flickering on and off,I first replaced the wire harness but it turned out to be the circuit board..part# 68830-99a about $25...Remove the lens and play with the bulb socket wire harness where it plugs into the board and see if you can recreate it..if its in the tail light it will flicker
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    Check inside the master cylinder for the dot 5 crystallizing, sounds strange I know but it does happen. Try flushing the system it will not hurt, I had this happen on a 97 FLHT:s