Braided steel fuel crossover cable

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    Has anyone installed the braided fuel crossover line (part #63709-04)? I was trying to install it today and am a little stuck on the step: tighten each of the nuts until they bottom out, making sure the seal does not extrude between the nut and the fitting.

    So as I am tightening the nuts, I am noticing that the rubber seal is getting squished (as it should be) and then bulging out of where the nut and the fuel nipple meet (this is the part I am not sure on). I have a good few turns before I get the nut bottomed out and fully tightened.

    Anyone know how much is too much for the rubber gasket to bulge out? I could post a pic if it would help.

    Update: After thinking about the problem for 24 hours I decided to take the crossover line off and put my stock line back on. I was too worried about not getting a good seal and leaking fuel all over the place. I have decided to keep my eyes open this summer and wait until I can see one of these installed somewhere. Then I will have a better idea of what to do myself. I originally put this on because it was about the same cost as the crimping tool + clips. I figured that it was be easier. I guess I was wrong. Well back to the worm clamps for now.
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