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    How's everybody doin? Just wanted to know if anyone here is familiar with the Boyesen Power X-Wing? Anyone have it installed on their ride? If so, any kind of feedback would be great! Thinking about it for my new 2011 RG & would like to know more about it. Thanx, appreciate it.
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    I've seen the adds and I can't see how putting something that will obstruct fuel and air flow will give you more power or better milage. There are several of these types of devices advertized like the screen that fits in the same way. The claim is that it will atomize your gas and air mixture better, since the gas is introduced after the intake through the injecter nozzel the air moving through the intake opening is just that air.
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    Its sounds like that deal you put in the air cleaner inlet of a car. At close to 50 mpg on the new bikes and ample power along with the flawless operation of fuel injection system on the Harley's, why bother. At 129.95 plus shipping, would rather work toward TFI from Dobeck because if future mods are in order you are going to need a fueler any way.
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    Save your money for something that works.
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    just one question to all youu naysayers, have you actually tried the product? Or are you just going by what you have heard? It really gets annoying reading on here some of the (EDIT) people have to say when you have no idea whats what. I for one have installed a x-wing on my 09 ultra and can say without a doubt that it does work in a roll on throttle situation. not much difference on wide open throttle but on a roll on there is a significant difference. just my 2 cents. from someone who has tried the product.

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    Honestly now was it worth the $129.00 plus? Did you just try it or are you still running with it? If you disagree with the wealth of knowledge and thats ok, then don't take offense when receiving answers to your question.
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    I've been around long enough to have seen or tested most of these "miracle" products and this one rates right up there with the paper strips with the pill like tabs that you pull off and add to the fuel tank to "rebuild" your engine and raise compression while you drive. Also the ones that claim to increase power and increase MPG and they all end up in the same basket in the garage because they are nothing but hype to empty your wallet.
    If you look through a mag like JC Whitney at the "miracle" devices that they sell that make claims of 5%-10% or whatever in fuel mileage increase and want to add one of each of these products, you would recover what you spent because your fuel tank would manufacture gas until it overflowed.:D (if you believe them)

    I would like to know just HOW you realized the power increase in a roll on and not at full throttle, was a dyno used or just the butt dyno that could be telling fibs because your wallet is a bit thinner. Not trying to be smart here but I have seen all these gimmicks at one time or another and known people that have tried them and regretted spending the money on them.

    JMHO from 40+ years of working on motors.
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    HMMM, got to agree with The Boss, if you add up all the claims by some of these manufacturers you would end up with a bazillion horse power and gas for life , JMO Save your money for tried and trued products, Capital Jack
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    I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels this way. Same thing is going on over at the "ATF in the primary thread.:newsmile100:

    don't get me wrong I know there is alot of good onfo here but sometimes it's OK to say I don't know or... nothing at all.
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