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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Carlin, Sep 1, 2010.

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    I just purchased my first Harley. 2003 Road King Classic 100th Anniversary Edition. I have had it less than 2 weeks. Bought it from my deceased buddy's widow. I wasn't about to spend money with the socialists in Washington wrecking the economy, but she made me too good of a deal to pass up. My buddy was meticulous and took very good care of everything. The bike is blue with 28k miles on it. It will need a new back tire before long. Since she knows nothing about anything mechanical, she had someone take care of the bike over the year it took to settle the estate and get the title in her name (loong story). I have no owners manual or anything on caring for the bike. I grew up on Hondas, so I have no experience maintaining a Harley, although I've had several motorcycles.

    Many of you apparently have provided wonderful information on maintaining Harleys on this forum. I could really stand some good advice on caring and maintaining this bike from some of you. To start with.... is there anything resembling an online owners manual? Someone here had put together a step by step article on changing oil on a Harley, he did a great job on that.
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    Re: 2003 Road King Classic with about 1K miles

    Carlin, congrats on your first harley, and it's 100 anniv RK. I am very jealous! For me, instead of getting a second bike, I decided to spend the money on my Fatboy and got Vance and Hines 2-1 pipes installed with Screaming Eagle pro tuner.
    If I had gotten myself a used bike, I'd probably have it checked out by my harley dealer, as I am not mechanically inclined. Hopely you've gotten some service records from the previous owner so you know what needs to be done. A lot of people here recommend buying the service manual if you prefer to work on your bike. In the past, I also remember something about replacing cam tensioner on these bikes with the mileage your bike has. I am sure other experts here will chime in. Good luck with your first harley and safe riding!
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    Re: 2003 Road King Classic with about 1K miles

    Welcome aboard Carlin. You came to right place. Folks here will help you and you will learn quick. Sorry to hear about your buddy's demise.
    -Signed Bum
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    First thing is to go and get yourself an HD Factory Service Manual covering your model and year. This will be the BEST investment you make in your bike.

    Check out the basic maintenance stuff and start taking care of your bike. It will be very rewarding when YOU accomplish stuff on it. Any questions or problems you run up on, get some help here in the self-help pages, or from your fellow members.

    Welcome aboard.

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    Carlin; congrats on the new ride - 03 RKC is a sweet scoot. Need to post up a few pics so we can catch a glimpse. Definitely listed to TQuentin1's advice & spring for the HD service manual - should run $60 at your HD shop, but worth it's weight in gold. Welcome to the forum, learn lots, ask questions and log some miles.
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    Here is a pic of the 03 RKC I had was a great bike Gunmetal pearl blue, always thought it was a neat way they made the striping, look real close those dots should say Harley Davidson. Congrats on your new bike, hope you can put many miles on it

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    Thanks guys. Yesterday I bought a downloadable service manual off Ebay for $15. Slowly, but surely I'll figure stuff out with it. I have pics of the bike, but they are all too large of a file. I need someone to tell me how to reduce the size of the jpegs so they can be posted here.

    I'm going to need to buy another back tire before long, headlight, oil filter, synth oil and probably want to change the air filter as well. I need to figure out what all service was done to it by checking with a couple of local Hardley Dealers that the previous owner may have dealt with. I knew I should have bought the pneumatic bike elevated work stand from the estate sale.
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