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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by dynaboy, Oct 31, 2011.

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    I have a 2001 fxd stage 1 88 inch 24000 miles. This winter I am upgrading cam change tensioners and I want to put another cam in, I am staying with cam chains. What cam has the best power. I do most of my riding at 60 to 80mph. Any suggestion would be great. I am 68 yrs old and I will keep this bike till I die.
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    Best bolt in cam for Harleys new stock 103 baggers? - Harley Davidson Community here is some good reading, you can find more info in the self help section:s
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    I have a 2001 Super Glide. I put S&S510 in mine and I LOVE them. I went with the gear drive when I put my cams in. You can really feel the difference with them.
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    When mine was an 88" I ran Andrews 37's, its a 510 lift cam, the Dyna being a "light" bike responds well, the Woods 6 is also a good choice, it does like a compression bump though.
    Just food for thought.
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    If you want low end "grunt" (low RPM) Andrews 21. Power comes on at 1800 RPM

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    THIS is the best suggestion for your STOCK 88 bike in my book...

    POWER is NOT given usually by a cam, It is a Give and Take...
    Other things MUST be considered when choosing a cam.. MOST cams require More compression to fully operate and give the added power..

    Adding a cam,you are usually changing the timing of the Close of the Intake Valve and IF your intake closes Earlier (smaller) than the stock cam number, it WILL give you more Low End power.. IF it is a bigger number, like others said here IT Will Require MORE than just a cam change to receive Benefits from a cam swap...

    There is NO magic in a cam to give power,,,,, Careful planning MUST be given when saying I want to cam my engine.. Usually the stock cam will be EPA approved and NOT give you the power that STOCK engine will give,,,, so a MILD change in duration and LIFT will do wonders..

    I judge My cams by looking at the intake close numbers..

    IF you have a stock closing of 34* and put in a cam that closes at 40*, IT does Require More Compression to REPLACE the Lost Compression of intake closing LATER at 40*..

    YES it is almost that simple to understand.

    The SE 255 cams in my 09 FLHR 96" bike Close the Intake Valves at 25* and the Stock HD cam closes at 30*..... This early closing BOOST the compression ratio by a BUNCH causing Higher compression and Compression = power.

    Now for an Example; go the other way and keep the motor stock.. Install a

    40* intake close cams (common intake close on some cams). You LOOSE compression by the valve Staying OPEN longer,,, Now you need to REV the motor more to receive any benefit of the advance the cam has done...
    Bigger intake close numbers will LOWER the compression of the engine and YOU need to raise the compression ratio by head work and higher compression pistons to use the advance of the timing to get the Low end power back....

    CAMS are a Give and Take......
    SO careful when you say CAMS for power..