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Bogs down bad when opened up


I have sportster 1200,always ran great,but other day was leaving work and cranked on it, she bogged real bad. runs fine at idle and low rpm. I did fuel up in morning. Any ideas? Thanks
I would have to be curious if you fueled up in the morning if you got some water in the tank. Try some dry gas added to the tank and give it a run, could be something as simple as some water.

You don't say if it is carbed or FI, but if it is carbed , you can look from the left side of the bike between the cylinders at the bottom/back of the float bowl on the carb and you'll see a small brass screw there. Open it about 1-2 turns with a long thin screwdriver and it will purge the float bowl of any water that may be in there and dump it out the overflow at the bottom of the bike in front of the rear wheel..

Always give some specifics about the bike like year,carbed/FI and the last thing that was done/modified on it. It will make a diagnosis much easier.
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Thanks Glider,I opened the screw for a couple seconds and it looked watery,then smelt gas. I also put in a little dry gas and ran her around town. She slowly came back to life. It's running like a bear again. Thanks for your help,it feels good to be back in the saddle again. Hope I can help some one in the future on this sight. It's great to have some one to ask. Thanks again, Freegul
Glad it worked out for you. If it is a local station where you got the gas, I would notify the owner to check his tanks for water.

Nothing wrong with opening that screw like you did every once in a while to clean out the float bowl.
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