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bogging, need more power

I have a 2004 fxst with screaming eagle pipes and I dont know what else if anything has been done to the engine for I bought it this way from a dealer last year used. Went for a long ride yesterday not after I stopped at the local marathon gas station and filled up with prem gas, got about 75 miles and noticed on acceleration I had no power but it would come and go like turning on a light switch, but I went on putting about 120 miles on tank with problem worsening so I stopped at the next station for a fill-up and as luck would have it another marathon!, so I filled up and this time added half a can of STP carb cleaner and within 1 mile after leaving, the bike took off like a shot back to normal, but about another 50 miles the problem returned, it almost seems like there is a big something floating around in the carb bowl and now seems to be stuck really good again :help So what is wrong?????
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Try draining out the carb from the brass screw in the float bowl like we talked about and instead of the carb cleaner use some dry gas to pass what sounds like water in the fuel. Worst case scenario, drain the tank, let it settle in a bucket and siphon off the gas from the top of the bucket enough to get you to another station to fill up. The water will settle to the bottom of the bucket after some time.

If you really want to be sure, remove the tank and turn it over to make sure you got it all otherwise, remove the petcock so the gas comes out rather fast into a bucket. After it is all out flush the tank with some fresh gas.
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there is no drain screw on the bottom of the float bowl but a flat disc is where there looks like there aught to be a drain screw
If you look from the horn side of the bike between the cylinders at the bottom of the bowl facing you as you look there, it should be there. You need a long thin screwdriver to reach it.

Facing at you not facing down, looks like this at the bottom most part of the pic shows the location of the drain screw.

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That's interesting. I'm sure a replacement fuel bowl would have it and it would make your life easier too with the drain in the future. You can drop the float bowl without too much work right on the bike without removing the carb. It has an "O" ring seal that is reusable and 4 screws to remove with a stubby screwdriver. Not hard to do at all and may be worth doing to clean it out.

If you go this route, get 4 allen head screws to replace the stock screws with. Much easier to work with and they don't strip the heads like the stock ones do.
Guess what? It happened to my sporty again on the way to get service. It was right after I filled her up, like last time. The dealer said I do not ride far enough and I had sediment in carb, and that the diaphragm was not seated properly. They said by draining float bowl was temporary fix and that you should clean out sediment from bowl. Hope they were right. Personnally, I think it's the new gas with ethenol. Either wat, I got new front tire which runs truer than old one. It feels like a new ride. Sorry I haven't been on in a while,but I lost a friend in a bike crash last week. He missed a curve. Please ride within yourselves!
Sorry to hear about your friend. I've been there too, It's something that stays with us forever.

Actually you should clean out the tank and not so much the float bowl. That's where it starts from. The diaphragm will raise heck with the running of the motor if it isn't in the groove where it is supposed to be, It leans it out. It's a slight circular motion with the carb top when seating it until you feel it drop in.
Thanks Glider. I do have question about the petcock. There is a mesh pc inserted in Tank where the fuel line is inserted. There are two places wher the line could go. Does this have anything to do with the reserve?
I guess I will just remove the carb and pull the float bowl off and clean it wnd spray out the carb with some good carb cleaner. How much will a carb rebuild kit cost?