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Bluesman or anyone with Hog tunes Speakers


Bluesmans what kind of exhaust do you have that you can listen going 65 mph or anyone else that has upgraded your stock speakers to Hog Tunes? That would be great to install new speakers and be able to hear tunes cruising. I've heard guys talk about Perez at Hog Tunes but didn't believe it. Any input would be great.:bigsmiley23: thanks............iowatree
My husband has screamin' eagle pipes & hogtunes speakers, his only complaint is that after 110 mph, he can't hear it anymore. He had some fun rides out west. I can usually hear his stereo while on my bike at lights too. I think you will be happy with them.
I have installedthe J & M speakers and the sound is incredible over stock- I run a thunderheader on an 06 Street glide.
Installed Hawg Wired speakers and amp yesterday running Rhinehart True Duals. Went out for a ride big difference in sound can hear music running 65 to 70 mph with out cranking volume all the way up no distortion at all. These are a little high. But it made the bose happy.:)
I have the same V&H pipes Bluesman has, and I just upgraded to Hog Tunes on an 03 RG. Frankly, I'm underwhelmed. They're better, sure, but as far as listening on the freeway or highway above 4o or so? Fuggeddabouttit!
I have an 06 Ultra with V&H ovals and dresser duals with Hogtunes. I can hear my tunes just fine even past 70mph. I would like to add the Hogtunes amp and lower speakers. I still wish I had better Bass sound. The new set up from hogtunes is an amp and speakers that install in the Lowers of an Ultra.
I had Pez contact my very quickly when I had questions regarding his speakers. I would highly reccomend him and his products.

My 05 Ultra has Hogtunes speakers that I put in and it only took about 1 1/2 hrs. I have V & H Ovals and cannot hear the bike with tunes cranked. These speakers are the best money I ever spent. I also would like to add the amp and speakers that fit in the lower's. This old rocker says it can't ever be too loud. Favorite song to play is Soul Sacrifice by Santana from the Woodstock sound track. The drummer was 17 years old that day in 1969.:guitar