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Discussion in 'Communications And Radio' started by WHM1, Mar 17, 2009.

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    Anyone have any experience with the Blue Ant wireless headsets. Want something to communicate with another bike (wife) so we can talk to each other while riding. I purchased the Scala Rider last summer and it's a piece of junk... anybody want to buy it cheap?

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    FYI, here is a review of the Scala unit and some links within for other reviewers

    Scala Rider Review - Motorcycle USA

    There is a mix of pros and cons, but one that sticks out was WHM1's reason, rider to co-rider communications verses bike to bike having to go over the phone (no intercom mod).

    I have heard some good things about Blue Ant, but the battery life/pack issue was a problem (hopefully they have a bike powered charger unit) by now...
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    Basically can not hear at a slow speed much less riding at normal speeds. I have spend hours trying to play with the controls and called customer support but just does not seem to be what it's advertised. Looking for an easy solution to communicate with wife while we're riding...
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    We have the Blue Ant and are pleased with it. It works well for rider-to-passenger intercomm as long as you have the ear speaker positioned correctly in the helmet. It's important to get it just right; but, that's not a problem since it connects with Velcro.

    The bluetooth comm to a phone works well too. But, you can't do both. Meaning you can either have it set for intercomm or phone...not simulaneously.

    Battery time is certainly fine. We get close to 8 hours out of them.
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    My wife and I use Blue Ant and I have to say it works great. The only draw back is that the batteries are only good for about 4-5 hours. On all day trips you will need to either shut it off every now and then to save the batteries or buy an extra set to get through the day. Otherwise the sound is great and the distance it stays connected id about 1/4 mile.