blown shovelhead?

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  1. greenchopper

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    Have owned bike a few months. Was told that motor was "fresh".
    noticed right away that oil was black and when I replaced it, was black again in a very short time.
    Last weekend I rode on highway about 40 miles at 65-70 mph. when I got off highway noticed engine sounded louder and clunky. On ride home it seemed like it was barely going to make it. Prior to this it ran fine. I have attached a shortcut to a video of my engine. can anyone notice anything from the sound or have can recommend a few things to try. Move timing (electronic) a little but at no point did it run correct. Can a coil be partially bad? Bent or stuck valve? Thanks for reading!!!!
    YouTube - shovelhead engine trouble exhaust side
    YouTube - Shovelhead engine trouble exhaust side

    actually "exhaust side" is belt side and vice versa
  2. Bud White

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    well i would start by checking plugs / plug wires / air cleaner if nothing there check compression and report back .. could be intake leak .. looks like its running on rear cylinder from the vid with the flames and exhust and not hitting on front all the tiem or at all ..
  3. orgredneck

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    check where puff of smoke comes from out of left side of engine
    at 13 seconds in video.
    int. leak or exhaust
  4. glider

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    Do a compression test like Bud said, it sounds like a weak cylinder on the video. If the comp is good then go with the other suggestions like plugs/ wires and intake leak.

    Great idea with the video. :s
  5. greenchopper

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    I unplugged one plug wire at a time and compared the change side to side but found nothing obvious. Will do a compression chech tonight and go from there. Thanks for the info!!
  6. greenchopper

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    forgot to post results....
    The issue was front cylinder, one of the push rods backed off. Was able to push up push rod tube and adjust the push rod. The push rod is has an adjuster at bottom. Got all details to do myself on this sight. Thanks!!