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Blown Asscessory Fuses on BY SE V-Rod


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I ride a 2005 SE V-Rod and lately I'm blowing the 15 amp asscessory fuse. I can be riding slow or at speeds and all it takes is a bump in the road and the fuse goes. When this happens I loose my brake lights, turn signals, speedometer, and tach. Have any fellow rides experienced this problem and can tell me where to start looking for the short???

I have heard of other people having this problem and it seems to me that I also read that it was actually quite easy to fix but right now, for the life of me, I can't seem to remember what they did to fix it. Sorry. Hopefully someone will be by to help you soon.
This does seem to be quite a common problem. I was actually just trying to find the answer to this for myself. I am probably going to have to take my bike into the shop for this soon but I wanted to see if it's something that I could fix for myself first.
Hey guys, and gals...

The dealership troubleshot the problem to the tail light. They said it was a wire which had the insulation cut too fr back and it was grounding out. Rode the bike all day yesterday with a group of friend and no repeat proble.....